Lesson 1:Introduction

Introduction to HTML

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language.
Most of the learners think HTML was a Programming Language. But HTML is not a Programming Language, HTML is a Markup Language. HTML is used for creating or developing web pages which can be viewed in web browsers(Firefox,Internet Explorer,Chrome & etc.). HTML files can be created by using any type of text editors (which we will discuss in later sections), but for now we will use Notepad. All HTML files should be saved as with extension “.html” or “.htm”. HTML is not case sensitive.
Basically learning HTML means learning HTML Tags. For example these are some tags: <html>,<body>,<head>,<br> and soon. Learning HTML is all about learning functionality of HTML tags and how to use them. In any HTML file we should indicate starting point and ending point for each kind of tag. For example body tag starting position should be indicated as “<body>” and ending as “</body>”.

Getting Started

To getting started with html you should learn some tags and there usage. The main tags are

  • HTML
  • HEAD
  • BODY
  • Every HTML file should starts with Open HTML tag and ends with close HTML tag like this

    This tag will tell browser that this is a HTML page. Head and Body Tags will be defined in between html tags only.
    Title tag should be defined in Head tag only.
    Like this

    Next important tag is Body tag. Rest of all kind of tags should be defined in Body. So of the tags are ‘h’ for heading, ‘br’ for line break, ‘p’ for paragraph.
    All kind of tags can be used more then once except html,head,title,body. These 4 tags can used only once.

    In Next Lesson Create Your Own HTML page.

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